My laptop’s basically dead with all my files on there :( so until I figure out how to retrieve the files or find another solution to my laptop situation, there won’t be much posts from me

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Aw, not cool Marvel! DX

Ah well, my brother and I killed time at least by trying to find the silliest names in the credits

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Thor has recreated every Old Spice ad for the amusement of the Avengers

Went to go see Guardians of the Galaxy and I came back with one thing: holding in my pee for the after credits scene was not worth it


Dorian’s relationship with the Iron Bull is interesting. The Qunari have been at war with the Tevinter Imperium for centuries, after all, and the fact that neither Dorian nor Iron Bull are typical of their people makes for an intriguing arc.

you have my interest


Isabela’s hair floofing up after it rains.. -‿-


So I got a question on ‘how to avoid sameface’ and thought I could do a quick tutorial. And then it took way longer than I thought. Whoops.

Anyway uh, these are some quasi tips/pointers/methods I use to avoiding the dreaded ‘sameface.’ I didn’t get to add it in here, but a lot of it is confidence.

Also—keep in mind that ‘sameface’ is very, very subjective. This is just how I, personally, do it—other artists might have different ideas in character design. I’ve still got a lot to learn myself!


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And nothing tastes as good as justice.

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